Learn The Secrets to Kicking Some Brass!

EXPERT Secrets That Will Completely Change The Way You Color Hair...

The Number One Struggle in Hair Color is Fighting Brass!

In this eye-opening class I will share... 

  • Secrets on how to AVOID brass and how to fix it! 
  • How blondes, brunettes and redheads will all benefit from your new approach to brass free color!
  • How to formulate for brass free result every single time
  • You will become the “go to”’ expert in your area!

....And Much More!

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Yes, I'm Ready to Kick Some Brass!!

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During This Training, You Will Learn:

  • The top 5 things we do as colorists that result in brassy hair
  • How to predict which clients are going to be harder to lift past the brassy stage BEFORE you even apply any color using a simple technique during the consultation
  • How to lighten someone as dark as a level 2-3 to brass free blonde in only one visit!
  • How to formulate for brass free result every single time
  • How to create a WOW effect with highlighting without creating high maintenance
  • How to convert a brassy faded brunette into a dimensional milk chocolate highlight using only 6-8 foils and no bleach!
  • How to create a brass free blonde that only needs to revisit you twice a year for maintenance 
  • The secret to creating a flawless blonde on blonde brass free level 7-8 and much more.......
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A Word from Elaine...

"After 32 years as a hair colorist I have (after much trial and error) FINALLY uncovered the secret to kicking brass!  

Do you find yourself constantly telling your clients "oh you PULL a lot of warmth...your hair gets really brassy!"  

Guess what? Nobody PULLS anything...YOU are the one who created that brass or the colorist before you! 

Brassy hair can actually be avoided and can also be corrected. 

You just have to understand what REALLY created it in the first place.

Here Are the Details for This Career-Changing Training...

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  • Who's doing it? Presented by Elaine Travis, Independent Color Educator at Expert Color Solutions
  • Why should I be there? If you have never seen this class taught by Elaine in-person, it has been standing room only in hair shows across the country! A great class packed with simple tips and tricks for you to take back to the salon. 
  • What's it all about? The number one struggle in hair color is fighting brass. I will share with you how to avoid it and how to fix it in this eye opening class. Blondes, brunettes and redheads will all benefit from your new approach to brass free color when you understand how it is really created. You will become the “go to”’ expert in your area when you master this understanding of avoiding unnecessary warmth and your new guest count will soar!  
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