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Are you ready to be a six-figure colorist?

My name is Elaine Travis. I have been a colorist since 1986. I owned a salon for 30 years and have trained many successful colorists who have all reached the six figure level in income and some have gone on to open their own successful salons. It is my passion to pay it forward and share with other stylists my knowledge of hair color theory as well as simplify the formulation and application process.  

Most of us did not receive the proper hair color education while attending cosmetology school. The goal of most schools is to prepare you to pass the State Board exam. Most of what you go on to learn after school comes in bits and pieces through classes and shows leaving you overwhelmed, confused and left to piece it all together somehow.  

So I decided to take on the challenge of picking up where school left off. I have created programs that I wish were available when I was so desperately seeking hair color knowledge. It took me YEARS of running all over the country attending any and every show that I could find only to come home even more overwhelmed and confused until… 

I met a kind stranger at a gala dinner at the end of a hair color event in 1986. She patiently sat and explained to me what is still to this day the key to my entire success as a colorist. She took her business card out of her bag and turned it over and began writing out the levels of lift and the remaining pigment contribution that is left behind. She explained that it is not about the magic number of a formula it is about knowing where you are coming from and where you are going and then what happens when the two meet in the middle. This COMPLETELY made everything suddenly make sense. I finally understood what the color wheel really meant and how to use it in my everyday challenges in the salon. I want to share all of this with you and make you successful so much sooner than I was.  

You are lucky to be in the age of technology where you can Google a question and get an instant answer. However in hair color there are so many more factors. You need to fully understand the true basics of color and not keep guessing and praying for a good result.  


I want to be your hair color genie in a bottle. 

 So if you are...  

  •  Leaning on a coworker or your salon owner every time a new guest sits in your chair.  
  • Using the “Hair Mary” approach to formulation just guessing and praying  
  • Playing it safe and always rotating the same safe formulas over and over  
  • Feeling anxious every time a new guest sits in your chair about formulating the color  
  • Stuck in a rut doing the same techniques every day and so bored you could cry  
  • Feel maxed out in your income and living paycheck to paycheck and want to earn more money  

If any of these scenarios sound all too familiar then it is time to do something different.  

I offer a variety of education and will customize your experience to exactly what you need in your color journey. 

We all have that situation on the schedule that keeps us up the night before with anxiety of where to even begin. Let me be your on call hair color genie in a bottle. 

Think of these as "mini courses" diving deeper into current tips and trends in color.  


You take the courses at your own pace. There are no deadlines or complicated homework you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.  

This book shares the first steps in how I teach hair color. I simplify the formulation process by sharing a simple yet effective easy math equation for perfect results every time. 

My FREE Facebook Live Chat every Wednesday at 10am EST. where I answer any and all questions about hair color. 

In sunny St. Pete Beach FL, or the 'burbs of Philadelphia. You decide the content and I customize the experience for you. We can do live model hands on or if you are more comfortable using a mannequin that is your choice. 

Hair Color Secrets Insider Membership

If you struggle with corrective color and don’t even know where to begin this monthly membership is perfect for you! You will have access to complete before, during and after hair color rescues. Monthly Option // Yearly Option

Join my in - depth classes LIVE from the comfort of your own home where I answer all of your Qs! 


Starting Out? Just finished school newly licensed and totally overwhelmed about where to even begin... 

Broke to Booked

This online course is perfect for the new stylist giving you the tools to find the perfect salon to begin your journey, how to create your individual brand, how to attract clients and understand the principles of retention, referrals and retail for salon success.  


You have your salon job you are assisting and working your way into being behind the chair but are not confident in hair color...

A Colorful Journey

This book shares the first steps in how I teach hair color. I simplify the formulation process by sharing a simple yet effective easy math equation for perfect results every time.  

I read your book and that is how I found you! I am excited to see what is next...

Hair Color Simplified 

My online course Hair Color Simplified is the next step. The foundation of what I teach in the book is taken further and much more in depth in the online platform.  

In this course I share step by step everything that I wish I had learned in beauty school. I explain each hair color category, lighteners, demi permanent, semi permanent, and permanent oxidative color and when to choose which.  

I share techniques and tips on timing, application, formulation and faster foiling. It is an 8 module comprehensive course and includes a private members only Facebook group to engage with other like minded colorists and ask any questions that come up while taking the course.  

You take the course at your own pace. There are no deadlines or complicated homework you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.  

This course is ideal for colorists at any level of experience! Some of the best feedback I have gotten was from stylist licensed over 20 years saying that they are amazed at how many new things they learned in spite of all of their experience.  

I've taken Hair Color Simplified and want to dive deeper... 

I have an extensive list of classes that deep dive into current trends! 

Let's Kick Some Brass!

The 90 min. training tackles all of the common causes of brassiness, how to fix it and how to avoid it in the first place.  


Secrets of Celebrity Colorists

In this training I share what I have learned while traveling the country seeking out education from famous celebrity colorists, Tracey Cunningham, Beth Minardi, Nancy Braun and Johnny Ramirez and many more. 

I break down the tips that cost me over $20,000 in tickets and travel expenses and deliver it to you in the comfort of your own home and take out all of the unnecessary fluff giving you all of the nuggets that really count!  

Let's Go Glaze-y Crazy!

Glazing and root shadows are the hottest trends right now. But what if you are not really educated on how to properly formulate? This leads to muddy, dull, over toned results and unhappy blonde guests. If you are like me you have had situations when you say I wish I left in on 5 minutes longer, or I wish the result was a little brighter.  

I spent an entire day swatching out all of the most popular redken shades eq formulas that I have seen shared on instagram and pinterest and the results were shocking! I share what the base of all of the colors REALLY means and the secret little tweaks that make all the difference in your final result.  

Top 20 No Fail Formulas for Color Success 

We see people share their formulas on a post on social media but we never know WHY they chose what they used. In this virtual training I share with you the top 20 scenarios I have seen the most in my over 30 years behind the chair as an expert colorist. 

I show you the before picture and explain WHY I chose the formula AND the technique and help prepare you for when that same scenario ends up in your chair. All of my education is BRAND FREE so everything shared can be achieved with whatever color brand you love.  

I've taken all of the classes. I want to move to the next level and strive for a six figure income... 

Secrets of a Six Figure Colorist 

You have mastered formulation, you have a loyal steady following of clients and you are stuck in your income and losing your passion. 

This course is designed for the stylist who understands color but has been a generalist for a few years doing, kids cuts, updos and other services that you have lost your passion for and you want to up level as a colorist and reach the coveted six figure income level in your career. 

I share advanced techniques that I have learned from various celebrity colorists and how choosing to specialize in color exploded my income into the six figure level and led me to be in demand and stand out in my area.  

If you are feeling stuck and stale and have lost some of you mojo in the salon this course is perfect for you. 

It includes group color coaching in our private members only facebook group and much more…  

I have been behind the chair more than 10 years and it's time to take my color career seriously... 

Hair Color Secrets Insider

If you have been behind the chair more than 10 years it is time to take your color career seriously and work towards earning a six figure income behind your chair. I am grateful to be a part of this journey with you by sharing all that has worked and not worked for me in the industry. I will be sharing with you all of the best information that it took me 32 years to gather by traveling all over the country and abroad. I spent a lot of time and money figuring it all out so that I can pass on what worked and allowed me to become a six figure stylist working a 3 day schedule behind the chair.  

Education has been the single most important factor in my success. If you always do what you always have done you will always get the same outcome. So by joining this membership you will avoid all of the time sucks, and pitfalls that most stylists naturally fall into.  

You will understand how to properly price your services, how to work your schedule so you can work smarter not harder and how to spend your days doing more of what you love.  

You will have a renewed excitement and passion for what you do. The group coaching calls are the most inspiring part of the membership. You will be surrounded by like minded stylists who understand that the only way to improve your situation is to make changes and take some leaps of faith.  

I will never ask you to do anything I have not done myself. When I look back on my career I think if only this membership was offered to me I would have been even more successful so much sooner. But I don't look back with regret it only makes me realize that this is what I was meant to do. I had the burning desire to make a difference in the industry. It took me many years to figure out how to make a difference and it is finally all coming together.  

My passion and purpose is delivering content to other salon professionals to explode their potential and income by better understanding hair color and the business of beauty!  

Stay as long as you like. Of course I want you to stay forever but if I can create massive success and results for you prior to the full year then I am happy to let you go. What you will find is you will join for the course but want to stay for the community! So be sure to show up for our monthly group coaching calls they will surely be game changers.  



It doesn't have to be complicated! It all starts with the color wheel... 

I aim to simplify everything I teach. As humans, we tend to overcomplicate and get fancy. Let's get back to the basics!  


I am here to wholeheartedly share all I have learned in 32 years! My passion is paying it forward and giving back to an industry that has been so good to me. No question is a stupid question!  


Just because you purchased these courses/classes, doesn't mean that the information will be automatically downloaded into your brain. You will get out of it, what you put into it. 

And that means applying what you've learned behind the chair! 


I’m Elaine Travis, 

I’m an expert colorist, helping others advance in their careers behind the chair by simplifying hair color!

I have trained countless colorists to become six-figure income earners, many of which have gone on to open their own salons.


Can't wait to meet you!

Join me LIVE on Facebook every Wednesday 10am EST. for Coffee & Colorful Conversation where I talk about everything haircolor!

St. Pete Beach, FL